Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Day of Food: What I Honestly Ate

I've written before about the fact that I apply the 80/20 principal to my diet. That means when I go out to eat I sometimes get dessert. Or have cheese fries. I'm extremely flexible with what I eat and don't count my calories but I do everything within moderation. I eat some cheese fries- not all of the cheese fries. ;) Your success really starts with what you allow into your home- I rarely buy much junk food, but yes of course I like to have one or two things "for the kids." I make sure those things aren't overly tempting for me. You know what things generally tempt you the most to over-eat. I set myself up for success by preparing healthy things ahead of time (also see food prep weeks one and two) and getting in plenty of protein and healthy fats so I stay full and never feel hungry. If I feel myself getting out of control with the unhealthy food or eating out, I scale back and concentrate on making better choices.

One other thing that helps me stay on track is never participating in any weird diets- I just eat as many whole, home made meals and snacks as I'm able to prepare. I say this as someone who has weighed 160 pounds and also as someone who has weighed 110 pounds. I don't weigh either of those numbers now and I rarely if ever weigh myself but I assume I'm somewhere in between, which is where I should be. I don't follow strict diet programs or take pills or pre-made shakes or supplements or anything like that. I love all of you women but pleeease don't follow me on Instagram to try to sell me those belly wraps to make me skinny. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best but with any amount of diet or exercise you might never get what you believe is the 'ideal' body. I believe- and research says- a balanced real food diet along with plenty of exercise and adequate sleep is really what you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's feeling good that makes you function at your best- functioning at your best allows you do to the things that make you happy and being happy and healthy is what makes you beautiful. So... here's a day in the life- what I honestly ate!

4:30 AM: Alarm goes off, head to gym to workout from 5-6 AM.

6:30 AM: Come home, have a whole milk latte- make with a 1/2 cup of milk. I have this every morning. Yes I add 2 tsp. of sugar.

8:00 AM: I wait usually an hour after my coffee to eat breakfast. This morning I worked out pretty hard so I had two over medium eggs, a piece of whole wheat high fiber toast with a little butter, and two pieces of turkey bacon. I drank this with a glass of orange juice (watered down half juice/half water).

10 AM: I had some roasted nuts (1/2 cup) as a mid-morning snack, and drank a glass of seltzer with lemon/lime cut up. 

12:00 Lunch: I had home made chicken noodle soup with a salad on the side. I almost always have soup and salad for lunch. 

2:00 PM: Normally a few hours after lunch I get hungry. Sometimes I have a piece of chocolate, some days I have peanuts or even yogurt with fruit and granola if I'm more hungry. Today I had chips and salsa.

6 PM: Dinnertime! Everyone in our house rarely eats the same thing for dinner. Since I prep everything ahead of time, that's actually fine with me. Its no extra work. I think the kids should be able to eat what they are in the mood for, as long as it isn't inconveniencing anyone and is balanced. I know I prefer to eat what I am in the mood for! On this night I had fajita chicken with quinoa, mushrooms, and green peppers. Often my kids will eat something more basic, like chicken or some sort of meat with cut up raw vegetables and a little sour cream plus some sort of cut up fresh fruit.

8 PM: I might have a glass of wine and some popcorn, or something else small before bed. I never follow the rule of not eating anything before bed, but I do try to limit how much I eat during night time. On this night I didn't eat anything but I drank seltzer water. I'm definitely addicted to seltzer with ice and lemon/lime. It helps curb cravings for sugar and keeps you hydrated. Win/win!

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