Friday, January 29, 2016

A Week of Workouts: seven days, what I did.

I've been sharing more on the health and fitness topic recently, just because that's what I've been inspired to write about. I promise the kids and I have been having plenty of fun baking and making crafts. We start our home-school co-op this week so I've been busy preparing for that as well- I'm teaching the pre-school class on the five senses this semester. Lots of fun and messy times ahead :)

For today, I'm sharing all of my workouts over the course of a week. Here's exactly what I did! Remember, variety is the BEST! 

Day 1: Today we were snowed in! Typically on Sunday nights I play co-ed indoor soccer which is great cardio- 50 minutes of pretty intense workout. Last week the team that played after us needed a player so I stayed for an extra game. Since I'm not going to get out on the field tonight I decided to pull out the yoga mat and get some exercise with the little girls before breakfast. We did the 'hot abs' Day 1 by Betty Rocker. Betty is amazing- she puts out awesome meal plans and work out plans for people that need (or like to) work out at home! I followed that up with a half hour of the Tracy Anderson Method. I've always liked dancing and this is a fun way to get some cardio in. Here is a good beginner video if you're interested. Takes a half hour and goes over some of her most basic steps. I finished up with 50 sit-ups, a few 60-second planks and then rolled up the yoga mat! A pretty light day but it felt good to get moving after being snowed in for two days.

Day Two: Crossfit this morning at 10 AM since it was another snow day for Andrew. We warmed up and then did a front squat progression- 5 reps at 65,85,105,115, and then 135. Then came an "invigorating" round of 30 power Snatch, 30 power Clean and Jerk, and 30 Thrusters all at 55 lbs. Finished in 11:58 and my legs were pretty much finished afterwards...which is how I like it!

Day Three: 5am WOD (Workout of the Day) at the box! Today we warmed up and then did a progression from 3x5 Strict Press (55) lb, 3x3 Push Press (95 lb), to 3x1 Split Jerk (105 lb). After that I did three rounds of 12 dead-lifts, 24 toes to the bar, and 36 wall balls. Finished in 12:48 seconds. An exhausting morning, so in between cooking and school bus runs and loads of laundry I made sure to catch a nap before playing soccer at 9 pm. I'll be taking the morning off from Crossfit tomorrow! To accommodate a late night Tuesday I always let myself rest Wednesday mornings.

Day Four: Rest Day! Mentally I don't like rest days because I'd love to work out every morning, but sometimes I know my body needs it. After two hard work outs yesterday my legs were pretty much exhausted so a rest day was just what I needed.

Day Five: 5 AM WOD again today. Warm ups followed by a Clean progression- 3x3 High Hang Clean at 65 lbs; 3x2 Hang Clean at 95 lb; 3X1 Clean at 105 lbs. After that we did a 20 minute mix of pull ups, push press, sit ups and deadlifts. 

Day Six: Another 5 AM WOD, warm up and then bench press. Bench press is definitely my weakest lift (by far) so it's good to get some work in on it even though I really hate it. I did five sets of five, at 55, 65, 75 and failed at 85 lbs. Then I did two rounds of 30 weighted squats (35 lb), 40 knees to elbows, and 100 single jump ropes. (Took ten minutes) Finished up the morning with 50 burpees, completed in 4 minutes and 53 seconds. Whew!!!

Day Seven: Rest Day! Feeling pretty tired from some hard exercise this week but I'l be back on it tomorrow night for soccer.

These pictures below are before and after I started to exercise. In the first picture I'm 18 months post-baby and in the second I'm a little over two years post-baby. I had my diet under control for the most part but wasn't doing any exercise. In the second picture I'm doing 5 days per week of moderate cardio and weight training, consistently for six months. I share this to show that diet is important, but working out is definitely the other piece to the puzzle! I don't use "belly wraps" or buy pyramid scheme videos, or take supplements or expensive shakes or anything else crazy. I just eat the best I can, enjoy ice cream once in a while, and work really hard on accomplishing my goals!

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