Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

Since Happy Goats Soap Co. has taken off, I've realized something's gotta give. Doing special projects with the kids shouldn't be one of those things, but elaborate recipes that require all afternoon? Those can go. So this year we made our cut-out cookies out of a bag! That's right, it's the Aldi's special folks. And guess what? They were great! No complaints from anyone under this roof and we had more time to spend together making the house extra cozy for Christmas.

 For the icing on these cookies I mixed a tablespoon of corn syrup with a half cup of powdered sugar and enough milk to make it just a bit runny. We put the icing in plastic bags with a hole poked in the corner and let the girls go to town. Check out Evie's extra-fancy decorating skills below... she definitely used the "more is more" principal!

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