Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Thanksgiving Tree

I'm one of those people that really loves Christmas. Every year I get so excited to make it special for our family. We have traditions, make decorations, and bake pies. I decided this year I'm not rushing the wintery stuff- not as much as I usually do anyway. Okay okay we do have a tree up. But it's not what you think- I promise! 

Our Thanksgiving Tree is our newest tradition. The second week in November we put up the tree and decorate it with all things fall. Leaves, pumpkins, and corn stalks. So basically... I get to decorate the tree twice in one year. :)

Today the house smells like cinnamon because we used my recipe for these cinnamon ornaments and made leaf cut outs. In white paint marker we wrote down the things we were thankful for. This year "Caillou," "Princesses," and "My Friends" made the cut. 
Oh yeah, "Mom and Dad" too... but we were more of an afterthought. 

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