Monday, October 19, 2015

Party Time! A Simple Menu for 30 People

We throw a lot of parties around here. When we first started having birthdays for the kids things were a little chaotic. With some delegating and a game-plan we've figured out how to get the job done efficiently and (mostly) stress-free. There are always leftovers which will give us a couple of meals for the week, and we can usually send food home with a few guests as well so that nothing goes to waste. I'll share some of my tried and true recipes that I know will feed from 30-40 people easily. If you have a few extra people come no need to worry!

Here's what we ate:
Meatballs in a crock pot (3 bags of Turkey Meatballs, one large jar of sauce)
2 Pounds of Hot Roast Beef in a crock pot (from the deli section, with gravy)
Cheese for the sandwiches/4 dozen small rolls, cut
2 trays of Martha's Mac and Cheese
Pita Chips/Spinach Dip
Fruit Salad
Vegetables and Dip Tray
One Bag of Frozen Chicken Nuggets (for those picky eaters!)
Donut Cake (3 Dozen) & Individual cups of ice cream

Another thing that really helps is my Mom has a great house for parties, so she usually hosts. We get a few bouncies and the kids are occupied the entire time. I go over the day before and help set up and a few hours before we put out all of the food. The macaroni and cheese goes in the oven about one hour before party time however I do make it the night before. It's a trusted recipe that never seems to disappoint! And my kids will eat it. :) The chicken nuggets are the last thing to cook- 15 minutes before party time. Of course you could make any of this home made, for example the meatballs or roast beef. To save my sanity I buy pre-made and no one complains! The most important thing is keeping it simple and celebrating family and another year of blessings.

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