Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to be Wonderful

I really want to enjoy my life in the midst of the craziness. It's something I have to preach to myself every single day, because if I don't I'll end up falling into the 'comparison trap.' And that, my friends, is a place none of us want to get stuck. In this world of Facebook and Instagram it's all too easy to look at everyone else's highlight reel and think about how great everything must be for them. Truth be told, we've all got "stuff." Imperfections. Issues.... you know what I'm talking about. So we look at all of our Facebook friends and how great everything seems to be in their lives and then we look at ourselves and we start to feel like not enough.
Here's a lifeline for when you get stuck in one of those moments: You aren't the only one who feels like they're falling short. Everyone has things about their lives that aren't ideal. Out of self protection we keep those things hidden so that other people think our world is playing out like the fairy tale we always hoped it would. The biggest secret that everyone is keeping from one another is always the same, across the board: Things aren't perfect here. We don't have it all together.
You'd be surprised at the emails I get when I share about my life through my little blog. It strikes a nerve when I talk about the hard parts of life, because it's all too relate-able. People want to see something real- the imperfect. It makes them free to share their real lives, too. To let someone in. It can be lifesaving to speak your truth to another person.
We all want to hear stories of how people take hard situations and make the best of them. When things go badly, as they do at times, God has been teaching me to be still... to know that he is God and he is safe, no matter what our circumstances look like around us. I have zero control over what others do, but what I can control is how I respond.  People fail us, we lose jobs, and kids misbehave. BUT I know this- I don't have to be shaken by any of it. God has given me the ability to be still... not to panic or to become hysterical... but essentially to be an adult and one of the 7.2 billion people who will experience difficulty- and to come through still loving God and still loving the people around me. I can have joy even when things aren't perfect, because I know He loves me and the plans He has for me are good. In this world I will have trouble, but I know I have the ability to take heart, to stand up and face tomorrow with a smile. I can be still when a storm is going on around me because even the wind and the waves obey Him (Mark 4:41).
I want to be that person who enjoys life in the middle of my messes because if I'm honest I know that waiting until the messes are all cleaned up isn't an option. I want to embrace the now- the imperfect- and when I think about it... my "now" is actually pretty wonderful. I've got a big family, loving husband, healthy kids, good friends, plenty to eat and a place to sleep. Things are going pretty well when I step back and look at the big picture. I'm thankful. I bet there are a lot of reasons for you to be thankful, too. <3

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  1. wow, so powerfully written-- and so, so true in this age of technology. it's very easy to compare our worst to everyone else's best.thanks for the reminder :)



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