Monday, August 3, 2015

This Week in Projects/Recipes/Getaways

This week we were busy creating. I went through a little bit of a slump on the creative end for the beginning of summer because of the busyness of day trips, but we're back in full force now with our projects! 

This week we made sunflowers for the windows and some seashell necklaces from our trip to the beach. Now that Zion's three years old, shes really into beading and creating jewelry which is a passion we both share :) I can see the sunflower windows being a really cool way to add color to a classroom as well!

I also rearranged some furniture this week and brought up a few of my old, unused decorations from storage. The house just needed a little mid-summer freshening-up.

Speaking of mid-summer freshening up, Andrew and I enjoyed a weekend away together. Lots of nice meals out to eat, a few days on the beach, and a beautiful sunset enjoyed from the top of a lifeguard stand in Cape May. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the quiet together while celebrating our anniversary, and chit chatting and sleeping. It was good to sleep. 

On the food front, we've been continuing to keep things light and low-carb this summer- lots of yogurt/fruit/granola breakfasts. (See picture below of my granola, just out of the oven. I followed the recipe from the blog but added in a cup of quinoa in place of one cup of the oats for extra protein.) We've also been eating lots of fish, chicken, and beef with vegetables for dinner.

Here are a few quick snap shots of what we've been up to! 
Quite a few are cell phone pictures because with three kids carrying a camera isn't always an option :D

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