Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Animal Scavenger Hunt at the Cape May Zoo (with a free printable checklist)

Ya know, a lot more has been going on here than I've been letting on. There's been beach trips, roller coasters, fruit picking library story times, tons of pool days, and the list could go on. Since Andrew only had two days of summer vacation before summer-school began (boo!!!), I've been going it alone for most of our days. Sometimes with the three kids its hard to manage all of them plus a camera!

I've found that taking an extra five minutes to think out my plan of attack for outings is really helpful. For example: grabbing big thermos of water before leaving the house, packing a lunch so we don't have to stop or come home while we're out, or- in the case of the zoo yesterday- planning a little scavenger hunt. I printed off a few copies (the printable version is at the bottom of the post) and brought some crayons so Isaiah and Zion could check off the animals as we saw them. Being three and four year olds, they were completely excited to be on the hunt for the animals on our checklist and their behavior was about 20 times better than it has been on our previous trips to the zoo. A couple of the parents who saw my kids doing their checklists asked me where I got them and if I had anymore, so I figured I would write a post about it! We'll definitely be bringing our scavenger hunt each time we go to the zoo.

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