Thursday, May 28, 2015

Forest Fairy Wings

We wake up in the morning and think... What will we do today?!
I took a poll. Should we make something? Bake something? Clean something? (HA!)
Zion proudly exclaimed "I want to make fairy wings!"
So, of course, that's just what we did.
The kids like when I give them instructions but withhold the next part of my *exciting* project until after they complete the previous step. Here are the instructions they got:

1. Go in the woods out back and and hunt for some BIG leaves.

2. Great! Now lets find a cardboard box and cut it in the shape of wings.

3. Lookin' good! We need some glue and then starting at the bottom place the leaves on the cardboard. It should kind of look like feathers.

4. Go ahead and play forest fairy princess for the rest of the day. 
(and she did, too, until her wings began looking a little worse for the wear!)

Check out the inspiration behind our wings, and more ideas here!

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