Thursday, March 19, 2015

Making Orange Juice

This morning we were inspired by our cartoon on the Disney Channel. See- some good CAN come out of screen time! Some of the characters were making orange juice and instead of my kids sitting there watching an animated show about it, I thought "We can do that!" So I let them finish the episode and pulled everything we would need out of the kitchen.
I felt a little nostalgic, even, because we used my Grandmother's old-fashioned glass juicer that I've been holding onto. How cool to bring new life to something that may have been tossed away otherwise.
Let me say, the kids LOVED making the orange juice. It was the perfect project for them because they got to practice cutting, squeezing the juice, and pouring it into the pitcher as we went along. And at the end their faces said it all- they were unbelievably proud that they had done it all on their own. Of course now fresh squeezed orange juice is going to need to be a weekly tradition. They'll be sure of that. Another thing to add to my ever growing grocery list. :)

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