Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Recycled Art: Flower Wall Hangings

How do you get your ideas? When I get an idea, it's usually a whim or a picture in my mind. Then I wait until I have time or energy and think about how I can make it happen. Maybe you're inspired by Pinterest or pictures in magazines or images on television. I often find inspiration from all of those places! My husband knows that look in my eye when I'm thinking of an idea- especially an idea for our home. It's usually followed by a pretty big mess and an afternoon with my helpers cutting, gluing, painting, etc at the dining room table. :) Sounds like fun to me!

After the UPS man came this morning and delivered a package of soap supplies, I decided I could use the box and the recycled brown paper wrapping to make my 3d wall art. I cut some triangles out of the paper and cardboard circles out of the box my shipment came to me in. Then we taped the triangles to the circle with packing tape and colored with sidewalk chalk on the front of the cardboard circle for a little pop of color. I hung it up on the wall with long strips of the packing tape- now that's my way of turning trash into treasure! Best part is, when I get sick of my new flowers (which is bound to happen in the next month or so) I can guiltlessly toss them into the recycling!

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