Monday, November 17, 2014

Linen Closet to Home Office in 2 Hours

Ever since starting Happy Goats Soap Company, things have gotten a little, um... ridiculous... in our closet area. (See the before picture, below.) At first I just wanted to clean the closet a little bit. Get rid of some things and organize my soap supplies, which I keep right there in that closet. Before you're too hard on me, you have to remember that the five of us live in 900 square feet. As I was pondering these things and sulking a little bit this morning, I soon realized what I really wanted. A home office. Not going to happen, I know. But what about...a home office IN my closet? Let's start the stopwatch at 9 AM. They said I couldn't make it work. I had doubters. But when all was said and done- we did it!- thanks in part to a healthy dose of screen time for the little ones. A closet office, with a working light! My soap supplies in one place and a spot to sit and work. Mission accomplished. All before my watch said 11 AM. If you are short on space and in need of a tiny office and you have a closet you could shuffle some things around in, why not give it a shot?!

the before and after

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