Friday, November 14, 2014

Keeping Kids Busy: Let them do "Work"

So Isaiah needs to be busy pretty much every minute of the day.  He's the kind of kid that doesn't just think of constructive (or quiet) things to do on his own. This means that in order to rbing out the very best in him, I am required to have an arsenal of ideas that can redirect quickly and get him outside, even in cooler weather.

This morning as I chopped and cleaned vegetables for soup, I realized I didn't need to walk the scraps out to the compost bin myself! I pulled the seeds out of the squash and put them in a bowl. I put the rest of my leftovers on a little tray that the kids use when they play outside and placed it by the front door. Isaiah and Zion used shovels to "plant" the seeds in my winter garden. Now I realize we aren't going to be harvesting squash from this planting but it was great for learning how to plant. Then they had to transport all kinds of plant scraps to the compost, so I talked to them about compost (like I normally do) and they learned something new. Since they're so little, these habits we're forming are ingraining in their little minds the practices that will hopefully carry through to adulthood. We plant. We compost. This is what we do to take care of the planet! If you want to get really home schooly you can do a little lesson on Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They were in charge of taking care of the plants and the animals and that was important to God.

I've found that the more "important" a task seems to Isaiah and Zion, the more interested they are. If I make an everyday chore fun then they really get into it! I might have to go back later and clean up their mess but it keeps them busy and keeps their minds working. Oh, and they're not in front of a screen. That's refreshing :)

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