Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite Christmas Gifts for Young Kids- 2014

Presents can be so hit or miss, so I wanted to make this list of some of the things my kids have received and actually loved and played with on a regular basis. I'm not necessarily recommending the exact item, but more of an idea. Some gifts I'm absolutely sure the kids are going to love, but then they rarely play with them which is so disappointing (especially if they are on the expensive side). Whether you are buying for your own child or for someone else's, the following are both parent and kid approved ideas that have been successful with my two, three and four year olds.

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse
I like that this is both very pretty and also easily moved from one spot to another.
It isn't too big but there's plenty of space inside.
Also comes with accessories so there aren't tons of extras to buy.

This is one of the kids most played with toys. 
They like reading through the booklet it comes with and matching up the bugs.

Art Supplies: pipe cleaners, construction paper, glue sticks, glitter glue, washable markers, crayons, kids scissors, STICKERS.

Kid sized garden tools. Especially large shovels, rakes, and buckets for digging.

This is a play food dish set from Target. All three kids like this.
We have a really nice wooden play kitchen but these dishes can also be played with in our full size sink and in the bathtub! The pitcher is good for learning how to pour.

A baby stroller and baby carriers.

Play Doh!!!

Very cool gift for a kid who likes to build. 
These sets are extremely well made and worth the money, in my opinion.

Books-at the top of our list are "The Little Blue Truck," "Where the Wild Things Are," 
"Brown Bear Brown Bear," and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

There you have it, my kid and parent approved gift list for 2014!

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