Monday, October 20, 2014

I stopped being afraid to fail, and this is what happened...

You can go through your whole adult life and never do any of the things you want because you're too afraid you might fail.

Once that hit me, right before Andrew and I got married, I decided I wouldn't let that be me. My life wouldn't go by me without ever acknowledging that's what it was- Mine. My one chance to do what I loved and what I was meant to do. So I started, slowly at first, giving it all I had. I went from worrying about failure and all of the what-if's, to doing the things that I wanted to do. The things I thought God wanted me to do. That's the stuff you're made for.

So here we are ... five years into that journey of "doing" rather than just "dreaming." And here's what has happened: I've failed, a lot. But the failures really seem very small and inconsequential in the light of the successes. There have been personal victories that carry so much more weight than the failures ever could. None of the times I have fallen short have felt quite as embarrassing or life-shattering as I thought they would. It's part of life- I've messed up, hurt feelings, and been embarrassed. I've also done way more positive than I ever expected.

After I started working on this post, my pastor (also my father in law) touched on this topic during a sermon. He used Mike Trout from the Angels as his example. He strikes out more than almost any other player in baseball, yet he is probably going to win Most Valuable Player in the American League. That really says something.

I encourage you to do those things you have been dreaming of. Maybe they're hard or seem impossible, but how will you ever know? This could be the sign you've been waiting for :)

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