Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Exciting News... Not a Pregnancy Announcement

When you have three kids in less than three years you need to preface any important announcements with "Not a Pregnancy Announcement." But my news is still exciting! You might have noticed some extra ads on my page (sorry if that's a little annoying) but after nearly 8 months of regular blogging I finally am getting paid to do it! I kind of wondered whether or not it would ever happen, and had to resign myself to the fact that I may never get paid to write these posts. I decided whether or not it ever worked out, it wasn't wasted time because I enjoy the focus that the posts bring to my days and weeks, and it's an excellent creative outlet.

So... when I was contacted and asked to become a part of Blogher Publishing Network as one of their Family contributors, of course I said YES! I never would have made it to this milestone without the support of those who read my blog and share content with others. Here's how you can continue to show your support:

1. Share  my page with family and friends on social media! If you know of someone who would appreciate a post, share it with them! This increases traffic to my page and its the number one way you can help me out.
2. Let me know if there's an interesting topic you would like to see a blog post about. I want to write about things that interest me personally and also things that other people care about. If you have a question about how we do something or how something works practically with three kids, let me know.
3. Your comments on what I write are so encouraging. Thank you for your continued support! 

Real Life Family Photo. No photo-shop ;) It's how we roll.

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  1. AWESOME JESS!!!! So happy for you! When I get things settled and my virtual practice open, I would love your incite on how to start my own blog. I have had tons of people asking me to start one but I am not tech savvy. ;-) I enjoy your posts and look forward to all the adventures you post about that your family endures. SO PROUD OF YOU!--Cousin Jess ;-)



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