Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And then I started a soap business.

My husband always wants to know whats next. "Is there anything I need to know?" he asks, as he walks in from work. I mean, he has good reason for asking. Some furniture is usually moved. I switched the spot where the peanut butter is kept. I started a baking business. I got my third positive pregnancy test. I started a blog. I started a garden. I started making jewelry. I got dreadlocks. The poor man never knows what's coming next. Being a stay at home mom is like, the ultimate lifestyle for me. I can pretty much do what I want when I want as long as the kids can be present. 
So when I told him my latest thing was soap making, he really wasn't at all surprised. "How much will it cost to start?" Good thing is my track record is actually pretty good. The baking business Maddy Lu has been a wonderful source of on-the-side income for our family, and now my blog is starting to make us some money as well! So he trusts me. And good thing because he's stuck with me, and my mind isn't easily changed about business ventures or life partners.
Isaiah has eczema and I have a friend (Donna) who makes really amazing soap, plus I had an interest in learning how myself. The two of us put our heads together and the rest is history. Happy Goats Soap Company is born! After months of planning the soap will be ready next week and we launched our Etsy site yesterday. We will primarily be selling soap at local stores, venues, festivals, fairs, and online. If anyone has sensitive skin or just wants to steer clear of chemicals in their body products, we may have the soap for you.

Check out our Etsy page at Happy Goats Soap Co. to purchase yours now!
And for updates on where and when we will be selling our soap in person, connect via Facebook.

As always, I so appreciate the support I have gotten from my "community..." Friends, family, etc etc. And hey, don't feel pressure to buy my soap just because you like me. But if you know someone who might be into it, would you spread the word? Thanks for all the help and love, and I better go figure out why my kids are so quiet and the permanent markers are missing from my desk!

Here is a summary of what we offer:

Quick note about our label- If you need an awesome custom logo, 
contact Beth at Backslash Ampersand. Creative genius.
 Plus she has a really cute kid named Miles.

Happy Goats, Happy Oats
Hand-crafted and wrapped 'Oatmeal' soap bar. 

Happy Goats, Happy Gardener
Hand-crafted and wrapped poppy seed and lemongrass gardener's soap bar. 

Happy Goats, Happy Man
Hand-crafted and wrapped "Man" soap bar- containing activated charcoal and peppermint for an invigorating wash.

Happy Goats, Happy Babies
Hand-crafted and wrapped "Baby Gentle" soap bar. You can trust us on this one, because this is the stuff I bathe my own babies with.

Happy Goats, for Boring Folks
Hand-crafted and wrapped "Unscented" soap bar. That means no smell and no essential oils. We still like you boring folks. :) 

Plus many others, and more to come!


  1. These look great! I'll have to decided which ones I want to try...the one for babies looks especially appealing because Keaton gets some major dry spots on his body! Also....love the blog! Just added you to my reading list :)

    1. Thank you!!! I enjoy seeing the updates on your blog as well :)



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