Monday, September 22, 2014

A Book and A Craft: Where the Wild Things Are

Our bedtime story for the past month or so has been "Where the Wild Things Are" By Maurice Sendak. He is the best author/illustrator and we are also BIG fans of his series "Little Bear." Little Bear is often our bedtime show... (Can you tell we're creatures of habit? Bedtime story, bedtime show, bed time snack, bedtime prayers- There's quite a nightly routine.)
These egg carton boats- just like Max's!- were quick and simple to build. I got the idea here. First, cut an egg carton in half, let the kids color on it. Then send them out to find the appropriately sized sticks that you'll poke into the egg carton. Using clear tape, we attached sails made out of some pretty papers I had. Any paper will work, but we used these very Maurice Sendak-esque papers with the lovely muted colors that are so often found throughout his work. I'm writing this as the kids are off and playing with their boats this very minute!



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