Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(Almost Free) Summer-Flower Window Treatments

We live in a pretty woodsy area, for being city-dwellers. Our house is almost completely surrounded by trees so natural light is a MUST for me. We want the privacy of curtains, but we also want light and the beautiful views of the yard. The other issue I have with heavy curtains is the kid-factor. I don't want a toddler yanking them down or worse, getting injured. All that being said, I felt like contact paper privacy treatments would be a fun option!
They were quick (four panels finished in under an hour), and almost completely free except for the cost of the contact paper (under $4).
I started out by having the kids pick some flowers and leaves. We mostly used Zinnias, remember this post?, that we started in the spring indoors. Wow, those chilly days seem long gone now with everything blooming, green, and HOT!
Then I cut the contact paper to the relative-size that we'd need for the window and peeled the backing off. Just a sprinkling of flowers and leaves, and then I pressed the contact paper onto the surface I wanted to cover. Running a knife along the edges of the window I got a near perfect fit! It's a good idea to err on the side of too much contact paper, that way you can simply trim the edges.
I'm really looking forward to more experimenting with this method! It's easily changeable and will be fun to switch up in autumn to the beautiful warm colors of the falling leaves. Here are some pictures that will give you a better idea of 'how we did it.' (Is it weird that you get a picture of my bathroom? Sorry. Don't look too hard... I have a two and three year old. And a husband.)

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