Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Walk At Second Landing

Walking the trails at Second Landing brought back so many memories. How could I have forgotten how beautiful and peaceful a place this is! I hadn't been on these trails in about ten years, not since running them in high school during track season. (Side-note: my high school track coach ended up being my father in law. I didn't even know his son Andrew during this time. Funny how Coach Jamie became Pop Pop to my kids.)
Anyhow, it was a beautiful walk. We stuck to main trails because I remember the terror of getting lost when I was a runner, and I didn't want to repeat that with three kids and a husband in tow. It is pretty cool being an adult in the place you grew up, because you know SO many people. We ran into several familiar faces while on our nature-walk.

So my instructions to the kids were this:
1.) Stay where I can see you, but by all means go ahead of us and run as much as you can.
2.) You can pick up sticks and hit things, as long as no one or nothing gets hurt. (Surprise surprise, we had to take the sticks pretty quickly.)
3.) Every once in a while be completely quiet and tell me what animals/outside sounds you can hear.
4.) Find me cool stuff to take pictures of.

They did great! They were excited to find me beautiful plants, spiderwebs, animals, and insects to photograph. It's a great place to let the kids run wild, but still keep them within arms reach. We'll be back, Second Landing.

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