Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Cold, Hard, and Sometimes Sweet Reality of my Life

Yesterday someone said what the people who are really close to my family are most likely thinking. 
It deserves its own quote:
"How do I put this? Um. The kids look so... calm. And... quiet in the pictures you post on the blog. And then when you see them in real life its like *WaHHHhhHh Insert Wild Hand Waving Motions and Lots of Yelling Here*"

Yes, its true. My kids are crazy. They are those kids in library story time standing right in front of the teacher who's trying to read and interrupting every 10 seconds. "Miss Terry! Miss Terry! Are we almost done this book?!" And then touching the other kids, getting strange looks from their peers and their peers' parents. Can't sit still, can't keep their hands to themselves, driven by some unknown force to tackle any person breathing with a soccer ball on their person. Isaiah is the one who BEGS the man at the Amish market to let him "milk his goats" while the poor Amish guy is in the middle of sealing the deal on the sale of one of his very expensive swing sets with a customer. I told someone yesterday that I switch up the way that I say 'no' throughout the day, so no one gets bored. I have to say it so many times that I start out using just plain old 'no' then escalate to a little sharper 'No' then eventually variations of the word like 'nope,' 'no way,' 'STOP,' 'naaaah,' 'UH uh,' and 'don't think so.' Nothing is ever as calm, neat, delicious, or pretty as it seems in the pictures I choose to post. If you saw the reality, it might not be very effective at inspiring you to try fun projects with your kids. 

Well today I decided to share some of the ugly. Not that I think my kids are ugly. But the projects and the effort is worth it, and I know what I invest is paying off. They really are lovely, sweet, spirited little creatures with a whole lot of future ahead of them. I can only imagine and I can't wait to see where their impossibly strong little wills take them.

The 'mommy hold me' whine. 

no caption needed.

This is what they do while I blog. Play with dirt or watch TV. Either one.

Sure Evie, gorge yourself on these processed baby treats while I get this organic pie with fresh picked berries in the oven.

Mom, can I use the hose?

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  1. I love it!!!! And that's Ms. Someone to you.



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