Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fruit and Vegetable Jewelry

These necklaces put a little fun in our mid-morning snack! I took some craft wire and cut it to a necklace length for each child. Then I chopped some vegetables and fruit that I frequently serve at snack time. You can pick what your kids like but I used celery, carrots, large raisins, grapes, and tiny oranges. I put the fruit/veggies in bowls in front of them and showed them how to thread the fruit along the string to make a necklace. This was simple enough for Zion to do, and she just turned two. I twisted the ends to close the necklace and slipped them over their heads. We sat and snacked for a little bit, marveling at how cool it was to be able to wear our snack as jewelry. Well. Maybe you're thinking "how bored are you, exactly?" But I thought it was cool, anyway. ;)

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