Friday, March 14, 2014

Grab and Go Projects: Shoe Box Animal Habitat

Isaiah is a little bit less self-occupied than some other kids that I know. He bounces from one thing to the next, never spending very much time in one spot. For a little boy like him, I have an arsenal of quick distractions activities to pull out when I need 15 minutes to myself to get something done. 
e.g. dinner prep.

First things first, I sent him outside to gather some treasures for his shoe box. He wanted to use this stick, but I urged him to choose something a little...smaller. Obviously that wasn't a popular recommendation.

Turns out there were some pretty cool small things for the shoe box habitat.

"spikey balls," leaves, dirt, moss, a sea shell, etc.

I did allow a little bit of water in a separate bowl, because he is always drawn to projects that involve water.

Cool thing about this is that I can close the shoe box, put it in the closet, and pull it out when I need it. 

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