Monday, March 24, 2014

Cardboard Racetrack

When's your most productive time of day? Mine happens to be the two hours after my coffee in the morning (go figure). So as soon as that happened, I pulled out an old cardboard box we weren't using and cut it into three long strips. From there I used packing tape to attach the strips together, and set up a race track in the living room. It's not pretty, but the kids don't notice!
I find if I get the kids set up with something that will occupy them in the morning, I will have time to get myself set up for the day- dinner prepped, laundry in the machine, nurse the baby and- gasp- possibly a shower. This morning it took about 15 minutes of effort, and the kids have been occupied all morning without the TV on. That makes me happy.
I should be able to fold the track up and store it in the basement for the next time I need a shower. ;)

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