Saturday, March 22, 2014

30 Minute Project: Story Stones

These have given us hours of imaginative play, and they're great for home or to throw in your diaper bag when you need to keep your little one busy. You can use stickers, magazine cutouts with Mod Podge, or acrylic paint on the stones. Paint markers would be cool too! Then line up the rocks to tell a story. Maybe draw one randomly out of the container and ask your child to come up with the next twist in the story's plot line. I'll let the pictures do the talking for the how-to of this post.

Our story went something like this: Ariel was a mermaid under the sea. One day a little bird dropped a letter under the ocean. It was from the King. He said he was going to send a carriage to pick her up and take her to the castle to see him. The problem was, Ariel was a mermaid and she couldn't walk. She only swam. So she found a magic lamp, wished with all her heart, and poof! A crown appeared on her head and she grew legs. She even got a fancy pair of shoes. She looked beautiful in her new dress, and she was so happy! 

To keep things simple (and not scattered all over the house), we store ours in an empty greeting card-box. Have fun! 

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