Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sun Catchers: A Farewell Gift for Winter

It could have something to do with seeing 60 degrees pop up in the 10-day forecast, but...

So in one final attempt to chase Winter away, we decided on making it a parting gift. 

We got our supplies together- An old muffin tin (I used the one the kids play with outside), string, and some found-objects from around our yard and inside our home. 

You'll need to make sure you dip the string into each slot in the muffin tin, and then drop your surprise inside. (Flowers to remind us of spring were one of our choices)

Then fill the tin with water, set it outside, and wait until it freezes. 
Make sure you are doing this project on a day that's below freezing, otherwise you can make the sun catchers in your freezer.
Turn the tin upside down and they should pop right now.

Now find a nice spot outside of your window and hang them up!
They'll be there until the temperature warms up.

Have fun! Today we're going outside to enjoy a balmy 50 degree day. 
Looks like our sun catchers worked!

(I got this idea from a book I picked up at the library's used book sale- "Nature's Playground")

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