Monday, February 24, 2014

Simple Clothespin Animals

Here's another easy one! Isaiah really wanted to do a "fish craft" when the sisters slept this morning.
If you have ten minutes and clothepins on hand, you can do this project inspired by Molas & Co's creations.

We pulled some sturdy paper out of the craft closet. I had some greeting cards with neat patterns and spin art that I think I made at some point in high school... Funny how I hold onto things like that.

I let Isaiah choose which papers he liked. 
I had to help him quite a bit since he's a three year old and there's cutting involved. 
We did end up with a lot of broken clothespins and puddles of glue, which are all solvable problems.

I cut out our initial fish pattern, and then used Elmer's glue to stick it to a clothespin. 

I'm already dreaming up what other animals we could make!

Of course our morning wouldn't be complete without reading a fish book from the bookshelf.

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