Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cooking with Kids: Growing Vegetable Soup

Our library book this week was "Growing Vegetable Soup." This one is a family favorite, especially because we keep a garden and the kids can watch the vegetables grow right in front of them. I love seeing my kids go out to the garden and pick a cucumber for lunch or dinner. For this project, I had to pull out a few of my old cutting boards.

We improvised, since our garden is still covered in snow. 
Celery, Carrots, tomato puree and beans it is then.

Yes, that's my 20 month old with a knife (dull butter knife.) We did talk about knife safety before letting them chop. I don't know how much chopping she actually did, but her 3 year old brother sure got the hang of keeping his fingers clear of the blade.

We kept things simple, and since we're recovering from colds soup was perfect for dinner. There's no real recipe... find some veggies in your fridge, whatever they are. Pour them into a stock, whatever kind. And if you want something extra, beans or rice or a bay leaf work well. Bring to a boil just until veggies are tender and there you have it!

It's exciting for toddlers to eat what they cook. It's one easy way to get them to try new things. 
In the words of Isaiah, "Hm. Not bad. Pretty good." 
Now that's music to my ears coming from the kid who 'doesn't like the crust.'

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