Monday, February 17, 2014

$2000 Complete DIY Bathroom Remodel

One bathroom. Three kids three years old and under. One stomach virus. We did it, folks!
Ok, so we kind of did it. Not without (a lot of) help... but it's done and under budget. We spent three nights altogether out of the house as this is our only bathroom. 
I wish I had a 'before' picture so you could see how dramatically different the change is. 
Click the links to see where we purchased the items we chose. 
Since it's a smaller bathroom, we purposely kept things simple. I think it served us well in the end. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read how we did it.

Vanity; $49.99
Soap Dispenser; $3.00 Marshall's Sale Item

Toilet; $149.00
Christmas Cactus; from a cutting (free)
Pot; from shed (free)
(try to ignore my toilet plunger in this picture.)

Lamb; from Grandma's Collection

Tension Rod; $14.99
Shower Curtain Hooks; they are Martha Stewart from Target years ago.

Mirror; yard sale find. $5.00

         Flooring; $2.48 per square foot, 32 square feet. 
                                                              Grout; $28.51

Shower Head; $55.00

Here's the rundown of the exact order we this project in:

1. We chipped all of the bright blue tile off of our plaster walls.
2. Then ripped out the old plaster walls. There wasn't a ton of damage to the actual wall, so we consider just patching them. It seemed more responsible to replace the whole wall. For this portion, we did have someone we knew come in and put up the sheet rock. 
3. Then we needed to tear up the old flooring. This was a real time-machine type moment. There were three old layers! LOTS of linoleum. 
4. Then it was time to take out the old tub. Yes, it was porcelain...Yes, it weighed 300+ pounds. It's now in a pigpen somewhere (yes, really).

Rebuild (This is the FUN Part!)
1. The first thing to do was to do the tub install/shower and plumbingAnd the hardware. My Dad and uncle put their heads together and figured out the plumbing.
2. We had new drywall put up. (Sheet Rock)
3. Then it was time to paint the walls. Again, used Silver Birch by Glidden in a semi-gloss.
4. After the walls were finished completely, we picked out flooring. I chose the long tiles. They may have been a little more expensive, but it was easier to cut them with a borrowed wet-saw. The grout we used was a dark grey, almost black. It looked black at first but when it dried it become more grey. A few videos that helped with the tile can be found here and here.
5. Then we could put the toilet and vanity back in the room. Wow, it was really starting to look like a bathroom at that point!
7. All of the accessories were next. The trim/towel bars/toilet paper holder. We had a friend of the family come in and do the trim to help us out (we do have 3 kids) and that was GREAT.

Here's my husband's materials list:

Sheet rock/spackle/seam tape- $100
Cement board for sub floor- $35
Miscellaneous parts to replace toilet and sink plumbing- $20
New shower and tub plumbing $40
New toilet- $150
Shower head/tub faucet set- $75
3 Piece acrylic tub set- $550
Tile floor- $135
Grout- $15
Tile cement $20
Wall paint-$20
Towel bar- $30
Toilet paper holder- $20
Trim- $60

Total: $1250 materials/ additional $500 for drywall and trim labor

 We couldn't have done it without the guidance we received by just asking! Ask at Home Depot, go look at local Mom and Pop stores for ideas, and enlist the help of people you know who are more skilled than you. 

Any questions on the how-to, feel free to ask! We are DIYers who were assisted quite a bit by some family and friends who actually knew what they were doing.

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  1. i'm in love with the tile you picked-- it's gorgeous!



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