Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Fun: Tracking Animals

The temperatures are heating up and we're getting outside! And by heating up, I mean they're somewhere in the mid-30's. When we woke up we decided to get out and see what animals visited our home overnight.

What has padded paws, and four feet? A kitten?

This animal has round feet, and it's footprints seem like they're farther apart. Could it be a deer?

What has tiny feet, with three long toes? A small bird.

Hmm, I wonder where this animal slept last night? Maybe it wanted some shelter under the shed.

I see large footprints followed by a long straight line. Maybe this animal has a tail! Let's look for other clues nearby...

Could this be an imprint of the wild turkey's face and wings, as it's about to flap away?
Who knew so much was going on right outside our windows while we were sleeping!

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